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Gift Ideas For The Foodie Friend Or Family Member

Gift Ideas For The Foodie Friend Or Family Member

Why does it always feel like a race towards Christmas every year? If you are anything like us, you mean to start your Christmas shopping well before the festive season begins, but somehow it's already a week before Christmas, and you are in a hurry—again.

You’ve scoured the shopping centre far and wide, and whilst you found a fabulous pair of shoes for Christmas day, you just can’t seem to find the perfect gifts for your friends and family. 

What is the safest gift, you may ask?

After years of making gift recommendations (we like to think we are pretty good at it!), at Panache, we found you can’t beat a tasteful piece to impress the inner foodie on Christmas. Whether your loved one knows exactly which wines to pair with fish or whether they consider two-minute noodles a delicacy, our range of foodie gifts for 2021 will keep both ends of the spectrum satiated.

To ease you into the Christmas countdown, we compiled a list of some of our favourite failsafe Christmas gifts for the foodie in your life. 

For the fashionable foodie 

Selecting gifts for the fashionable foodie in your life can be intimidating. You want to get them something chic, an on-trend piece that will stand the test of time. For trend-savvy culinary enthusiasts, we recommend kitchenware staples with a stylish print.

For example, Helen Ansell’s wattle bird tea towel is almost too gorgeous to imagine drying dishes on and would make an elegant gift option for any foodie. Helen’s range of homewares and artwork is truly delightful; with native flora and fauna inspiring her work, she captures the essence of WA in her vibrant pieces. 

For this fashionable foodie, oil in its original plastic packaging simply won’t do! Check out our ceramic green oil bottle, which is a staple for every fashion-forward food enthusiasts tabletop this Christmas. Once you see how well it pours, you will never go back to those unsightly plastic bottles.

Or, take a look at this Somekoubou plate set. Somekoubou is the name of this five-piece traditional Japanese plate set and is ideal for your side serving of rice. Get the Somekoubou set to grow your foodie friend's ceramic collection or for the travel enthusiast foodie who can’t wait to get on a flight to Japan ASAP! 

For the wine connoisseur

We all have a wine connoisseur in our lives, or it could be us. Instead of trying to narrow down the perfect bottle for wine lovers, why not try one of these ultimate wine accessories?

Chances are, your wine aficionado friend enjoys a few glasses while out. If so, take a look at our stainless steel slim flasks, the ideal gifts for enjoying wine o'clock at picnics and movie screenings. These sleek, handy flasks hold up to 236ml and come in a range of metallic colours, perfect for a glass of vino on the go! 

Or, if 236ml just isn’t going to cut it, we recommend you go all out with this stainless steel wine bottle. Take camping and weekend away wine supplies to a whole new level with bright, beautiful colours to suit you or your foodie besties! Depending on your budget, we also have a range of classic wine tumblers in metallics and pastels to match.

If your wine-loving foodie is always on the run or glamping at a new location most weekends, they may also appreciate this on-the-go cutlery pack. It comes complete with a stainless steel knife, spork, straw and straw cleaner, so you don’t have to feel guilty eating with disposable cutlery again. 

For the home cook

Home loving foodies seem to have it all. Whilst we may have to duck to the shops when trying most new recipes, home-bound foodies seem to have every conceivable sauce in their arsenal.

They most likely don’t need you to add to their collection; cause if you know they want it, they got it!

Our strategy with the best gifts for these types of foodies; is to update something they already have, like these ceramic bowl storage containers, complete with a plastic lid.

Say goodbye to unsightly plastic Tupperware and hello to this stylish design instead. Heating up leftovers has never looked so good!

The stellar at-home cook most likely doesn't use jar spices, but do they have a grater specifically for their root ingredients?

Introducing the ginger and turmeric grater! This set even comes with a serving of ginger and turmeric ready to go! RIVSALT, the brand behind this ingenious design, also has a classic Himalayan rock salt and grater and a chilli grater set. Your foodie friends will be forever grateful to you for adding this bit of luxury to their everyday cooking routine. 

For the home entertainer

What do you get the hostess with the mostest?

Get them something to inspire their next dinner party theme. We personally think napkins are a great place to start when brainstorming dinner party themes. Simply select a feature print or textured fabric to base the tabletop decor on, then match all their other dining decor to it.

Avid entertainers will love our bold paradise napkin or our more pared-back but stylish grass napkins. These gifts aren't just for your foodie friends either; these gorgeous washable napkins are perfect for an eco-friendly secret Santa gift, as they are a stylish reusable alternative to throw away paper napkins. 

Your friends who are experts at entertaining are sure to have a range of glassware for their guests.

So what about an unusual gift for these foodies who love to host?

Since stocking these rocking whisky glasses in our store, they have been a huge hit! Watch in awe as your spirits rock back and forth with not one drop lost! This glassware is an ideal gift for hosts who enjoy after-dinner drinks.

Making your gifting an easy decision 

We hope this helped take some guesswork out of shopping for foodies this Christmas. We have even more stunning pieces in-store, so if you are still looking for something special, come find us at 112 Terrace Rd, Guildford. We would love to show you what gifts we have for our foodie friends and family this year. 

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