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Funky House Warming Gift Ideas

Funky House Warming Gift Ideas

You know someone who has just moved and, as you have found this article, you need to find them an appropriate housewarming gift. Whether there is an official housewarming party or you are just popping by to say congratulations, we know how much a thoughtful gift to mark a special occasion means to us.

Whether this home dweller has everything they need or is still using boxes as coffee tables, we will run you through our funky housewarming gift ideas to show you pieces that will be either useful or treasured for years to come.

Gifts for the kitchen

Your newly relocated pal will need to cook in their new space eventually. A funky statement piece can ensure it's a little pre-heated. We love printed tea towels; they remind us of the vintage ones our Grandparents used to have, featuring printed recipes or Australian plant life. Helen Ansell's striking take on Australia's flora and fauna are now printed on this designer tea towel range, guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest of kitchens.

Although your recipient may already have mugs for their morning brew, they don't have these Concept Japan mugs. The oriental-esk mugs will become instant new favourites; see both sky and midnight.

The quirkiest of all kitchen gift ideas? For the friend who is obsessed with their furbaby, you can't go past this dog wood natural pepper mill. Imagine it sitting obediently on the kitchen bench waiting for you to need some pepper, too cute!

Gifts for the living room

A fresh space requires a few additions to make it feel homely. You don't want to merely replicate the same interiors over and over within a different four walls. Overhauling your living room furniture may be drastic, but you can reimagine a living space with a few key features. How? Cushions, throws and more cushions! Scroll through our soft furnishings range to browse our extensive range of cushions and pillows. From simplistic to statement, we have it all!

The one who has everything

What do you get for the BFF who doesn't need any kitchenware, furnishings and has no room for any more plants? Puzzles well and truly made their comeback amid all the lockdowns of the past two years. Often the highlight of our day was finally placing that last puzzle piece…

Forget about picking up the dull puzzle you've seen before, depicting a saturated image of a tourist hot spot. That just gives us travel envy. Instead, opt for one of our delightful puzzles, which we've dubbed the best housewarming gift of 2022. Not only will these look fabulous atop a coffee table and provide hours of entertainment, but tackling a jigsaw puzzle is proven to enhance cognition and short term memory. You're doing them a favour!

Plus, they all come with a framable print for reference should they love it enough to put on the wall. Check out the 'stay gold' toucan puzzle, the funky groove geo, mister slithers snake puzzle or the celestial heavens for the friend who knows everyone's birth chart.

Whilst a bottle of wine is always a welcomed gift, pick one of these funky housewarming gifts for a personal gesture that will last longer than one night amongst friends.

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