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Are you looking for your next wonderful outfit? At Panache Living, we value originality, craftsmanship and exclusivity above all else. We naturally extend these standards to our unique range of Fashion Brands.

Each fashion piece found in Panache Living has been thoughtfully selected by Sue. The result is a skillfully curated collection putting sustainability, ethicality and originality at the forefront.

We run our business with heart and soul. If a brand is stocked in our store, you know it upholds the same values we hold dear to us. We do our research to understand how the clothing is made to ensure it meets our traceable fashion standards. And the pieces also reflect our excellent taste of course!

Panache Living is proud to offer you these exclusive fashion pieces to surpass the trends. The result? A range designed to meet the daily demands on the female wardrobe, from casual to classy, plains to prints and tanks to turtlenecks. The Panache Fashion Range suits our picturesque Perth climate to a tee and is guaranteed to have your fashion-forward friends asking, "Where did you get that from?"

Browse our range of selected brands below. If you are the need to try on type, come and join us in store! We'd love to help you create your next outfit.

Eb & Ive

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LD & Co

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Zaket & Plover

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