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When we read the tale behind Loobie's Story, we couldn't help but feel a connection to this brand.

Exotic locations and luxurious experiences inspire the range from Loobie's Story. Founded in 2009 by Laurinda, she draws inspiration from her travels around Europe and Asia to create understated yet glamorous pieces.

She returned home with a head full of ideas for a feminine collection that is uplifting, inspiring and feel-good. Loobie's Story prioritises individuality over trends to create long-lasting, high-quality garments.

Loobie's Story is dedicated to continually reviewing its approaches to sustainability, ethical design, responsible sourcing, environment and people.

They make small decisions across the business that have a big impact, like keeping design sampling to a minimum and a team made up of 70% working mothers. We certainly love their story, and of course, their fabulous pieces!


Size Number
Loobies -  Tarsh top
Loobies -  Midi Jewelled Dress
Loobies -  Jewelled Blouse White
Loobies -  Andie Almond Pant
Loobies -  Etched Tan Dress