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Welcome to Panache Living

Retail therapy like no other

Panache Living is a local boutique jewellery, furniture and homeware store in Perth. We stock a stunning collection of vintage and lifestyle furniture in Perth such as retro tables and teak chairs. Panache Living also has a wide selection of home decor and homewares in Perth such as home furnishings, wall hangings and home fragrances. 

Looking for the perfect artisan jewellery to complement your outfits? Our jewellery store in Perth has you covered with a range of exclusive jewellery from trendy labels such as Liberte jewellery, Najo jewellery, Elk jewellery and much more. Apart from that, we also sell various gifts for men and women from watches to leather handbags and wallets.

If you are a fashionista and on the hunt for the most exquisite lifestyle clothing to add style and elegance for your next outings, visit our boutique clothing store in Perth. These often one off fashion clothing items are handpicked by our team of husband and wife and won’t stay around for long, so make sure you grab them online or instore quick!

Visit our furniture and gift shop in Guildford, Perth and pick the perfect homewares and gifts for yourself, friends or families. 

Gifts under $100