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How to pick couch pillow sizes & arrange throw pillows

How to pick couch pillow sizes & arrange throw pillows

Do you ever get the itch to redecorate the whole house? If you are a lover of design and aesthetics like us, your living space can feel a bit lacklustre as seasons come and go.

We are big fans of changing up a vibe to reflect what you’re feeling at the current moment. As we evolve and grow as people, it often means our style needs a switch-up too! 

Our clients often ask us for advice on interior design and decor pieces we suggest for decorating a space. One way we love to inject style notes into spaces is by incorporating various throw pillows.


Because it is an inexpensive way to style a room. You can do so much more to a room through selected stylish pieces like throw pillows.

Don’t even think about using the ones that came with your couch again! This guide will show you not only how to pick the right cushions for your living space but also gives you ideas on how to arrange them. 

Picking the right size throw pillow 

Ok, you don’t need to know the exact size of your throw pillows down to the centimetre, but size does matter; when it comes to arranging throw pillows. The size of a pillow in relation to the couch or piece it's on is important.

Gauge if your pillow is too big for your piece of furniture; if the cushion is too large, it can envelop it. But, if the throw pillow is too small, it can look childish.

If you are trying to fill a bigger space, you can opt for the European pillow slips. Depending on the firmness of your pillow insert, these pillows can fill up a larger area and provide dense, soft cushioning as part of your bedding.  

How many throw pillows do I need?

The space you are working with will determine how many pillows you'll need. If you have a large, multi couch living space, you may need upwards of ten pillows in one room!

If you feel too spoiled for choice, we recommend finding three throw pillow sizes you like and then going from there. You will want to arrange your throw pillows in clusters. So generally, large to medium size throw pillows work best with smaller throw cushions in front. 

As a general rule, you should group throw pillows in odd numbers, but an even amount can have a more traditional effect; if you're after that look. 

Still not sure how much is too much?

For a couch just over two metres, we wouldn’t use more than five pillows. Three to four throw pillows is a good place to start. Then see if you need to add more into the mix! And generally, two throw pillows fail to make a couch look complete. 

Pick your pillows 

Now, the fun part. It’s time to start examining what type of couch pillows you like best. Are you drawn to more paired back, solid colour pillowcases, or detail-heavy, embellished and adorned pillowcases?

Try choosing a solid base colour for at least two or three of your pillows. To pick your base colour, pull from your surroundings.

  • What colours can you emphasise in your surrounding rugs, walls, bedding or curtains?
  • Or is there an existing pattern you think you can compliment?

When choosing complementary patterns we recommend you don’t incorporate more than three patterns in a given area and ensure they either clash effectively or have subtle similarities to tie them all together. 

Pattern and colour is one thing, but make sure you include different textured pillowcases in your mix. Furry, leathery, soft, embroidered, beaded; there are so many detailed options for couch pillows! But, please, take our advice with a grain of salt. Do what works for your style and break all the rules, if you wanna! 

Throw pillow arrangement 

It’s going to take a lot of pillows moving around and replacing, but you will eventually get the mix you're looking for! Ultimately, you are trying to find the best arrangement of different colours, textures and prints in a way that looks cohesive. Don’t forget to use additional details to your advantage; pick up throws and vases in neutral shades to complement your pillows of choice. 

One final tip, your pillow inserts matter! Depending on what you choose to stuff your pillow with will depend on whether it looks full and stands tall or if it folds in on itself and is cosier.

Experimentation is your best friend when it comes to arranging throw pillows. Good luck, and don’t forget to come in-store to see how we style our couch pillows and interior design. 

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