What's different about a Pingpong woman? Designers behind the iconic Australian brand strive to lead with effortless style for their dedicated clientele. Look good and feel fabulous when you relax and let your Pingpong pieces do the talking.

Established in 1984, the brand continues to grow and redefine its exceptional style. Unconcerned by fads, trends become obsolete in a Pingpong closet.

Each collection presents a new colour palette for the season and beyond to curate your existing wardrobe. Pingpong knows the demand of the modern woman, their solution? Providing us with a fully coordinated wardrobe solution. With pieces for workwear, casual, weekend and cocktail, there is certainly a Pingpong staple waiting to be adopted into your wardrobe.

We are thrilled to have this classic brand in our range; their continued dedication to providing sophistication of all sorts inspires us to build a legacy just as fabulous!

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