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Why Wall Art Has Become So Popular

Why Wall Art Has Become So Popular

Wall art tends to become an afterthought when it comes to interior design. But a chosen wall piece can become the focal point of a room and influence how the rest of the room is styled around it.

Let your space make the best impression possible by including wall art in your home design and see how easy it is to transform your home.

So, why do we think wall art is so important?

Draws the eye

As interior designers know, a given room should have one strong focal point to draw attention. If your room is short on floor space, you are freeing up that valuable space by turning to the walls for decoration.

Strategically placed wall art will raise the gaze of your eye, adding depth to the room and creating an illusion of space. Or, if you have a larger space to work with, rather than blank walls leading a room to look sparse, create a gallery wall with multiple pieces.

Hanging multiple pieces is an easy way to cosy up a room and have it feel more like home. 

Creates your colour palette

Keep the walls a mix of neutral paints and furniture made from natural materials. This lets your wall art decide the colour palette of the space.

Especially if you like changing up the aesthetics of your home every few years (or less if you're really up with the trends), new pieces of wall art are an easy way to transform the space without getting the paint rollers out.

Find some wall art you adore and pick out two or three shades from it to incorporate into your decor. Mix and match with additional shades to find pieces that accent the art on your wall. 

Adds texture 

We won't begin to define wall art because there are so many forms and variations. Plus, art is open for interpretation. What you like is going to differ from the next budding interior designer. That's why we love incorporating art into the home; there are so many different mediums out there for expression that there really is something for everyone. 

Paintings,  mirrors, prints, sculptures, screens, murals or lighting, all of these can add visual texture to your design. We've found smooth finishes sleek up a room whilst rough finishes are cozier and grounding.

Is the cherry on top 

Let's face it, wall art is impressive and will stick in the minds of your next dinner guests. It helps to put together a room. If you are going to the effort of curating wall pieces, it shows you are dedicated to taking the space from merely functional to a display of your unique style. Rather than letting wall art be an addition to space, eat the desert first and let it be the focal point you design the room around. 

Some tips when looking for your next wall art purchase:

  • Measure the wall you are working with
  • Avoid pieces longer than key furniture 
  • Don’t buy a small piece for a big area
  • Considering clustering smaller pieces together on a large wall 
  • Pieces should fit at least 15 centimetres than your furniture
  • Find out the meaning behind the work
  • Buy second hand 
  • Buy something which fits you

Are you looking for some wall art inspo?

Check out our range of wall art online and in-store. We have some beautiful pieces, from vibrant to monochrome and pairs of prints to fill any space! We are open Tuesday through to Sunday. See you then!

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