Pig & Hen - Sharp Simon Bracelet

Pig & Hen is a bold and refined brand producing handmade bracelets in Amsterdam for men, capitalizing on a unique and authentic brand story. Strong, unique and sustainable.

In the early 1600s, Dutch explorers set sail to unknown parts of the world,and to protect themselves from bad luck, mariners inked tattoos of a pig and a hen on their feet because crates of pigs and hens were often the only items left floating after a shipwreck.


Not just a fancy slogan. Our team is working day after day creating your Pig & Hen goods: all by hand, all with the greatest care and eye for detail, all here in Amsterdam.

Besides our trademark ship rope and stainless-steel shackles, it’s mainly laughter, good music and about ten pairs of skilled hands, with very diverse backgrounds, that are the main tools and materials we create our products with. “It’s a group of friends, that’s what working here feels like,” says production manager Nicky. It’s an atmosphere that’s pretty unique.”

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