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Why Scented Candles Are A Must For The Home Office

Why Scented Candles Are A Must For The Home Office

If last year taught us anything, it was getting used to working from home. The impact of 2020 was far-reaching, but for many of us in Western Australia, its main lasting legacy is the WFH life. 

With many companies encouraging you to work from home if you can, why not make the most of it? One thing we learnt from curating our working from home set-up is making a distinctive separation of space. 

Sometimes it can be hard enough working knowing Netflix is just a tap away...

If you have the space, not working in a bedroom or room too close to the couch removes the temptation to step away from your desk for a quick phone break, which turns into an hour lost on the Instagram feed. 

Ok, you think I've done that? I'm working away in my home office, what else can I do to enjoy my working from home life? Introduce some home office candles!! 

What are the benefits of scented candles in your home office?

Those stressful days waiting on emails and approvals can feel less overwhelming with one of your favourite scents wafting through with the flame flickering next to you. The great thing about scented candles in the home office is they aren't overpowering. They are designed to produce subtle scents to enhance a space, not dominate it. 

Creates A Work Ritual 

Candles help create different moods, right? You use them to relax, to create a warm environment for your guests and sometimes bring the romance. Why not apply the same logic to your work?

By having an uplifting scent burning while you work, you will associate it with productivity and getting those tasks done! Treat it like a ritual; once you light your office candle, the working day begins. Come clock off time, blow that baby out. 

Enhances Your Efficiency 

Believe it or not, the aroma that comes along with your home office candle could be boosting your efficiency. Especially if you're not a caffeine fan, lighting one of the best candles for the home office could give you that 3:00 PM pick-me-up. 

If you're in a creative industry or need to problem-solve daily, opt for cinnamon and peppermint scents when choosing a candle for your home office. Several studies have found these smells boost our cognitive senses, giving the brain increased alertness and memory. 

Are you struggling with getting through the afternoon slump? Orange and lemon scents are uplifting, refreshing and give us a natural pick up, whilst rosemary is proven to help with focus. 

Soothes Anxiety 

Ever wondered why burning candles is so calming? 

It's the flickering flame which our brains find so soothing. The low light emitted by candles is perceived by our brains as calming, thanks to our long historical association around candlelight. 

We all know those days where there aren't enough hours in the day to get the job done. Just because we mightn't be in our workplace doesn't mean we leave the stress of the job behind. A calming, home office candle can aid in keeping your stress at bay while working from home. 

To reduce stress, choose home office candles in lavender, vanilla and sea breeze. Or opt for a jasmine candle, known as "natures Valium" for its calming effects. It has also been found to improve confidence and optimism. Perfect for that upcoming Zoom presentation you're so anxious about! 

Now you know there are way more benefits to candles in the home office than just smelling fabulous. Take a peek at our extensive range of candles online or come and sniff them yourself in store! We have the perfect candles for your home office; just come ask us!  

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