Bottle Copper Matt 625

Yogi Beings

Sporty, sleek and functional, this on the go bottle moulds to your lips and caters for the more toasty seasons, possessing a smoother, rounder and wider mouth that is suitable for ice cubes. It is handcrafted from pure copper, with a sealed grip twist lid that means no sneaky leaks when it’s stowed away in your bag while you’re on the fly! Not only does this mean that they are 45% lighter than the equivalent capacity of a glass bottle, they are beneficial where stainless steel and glass materials are only neutral. Moreover, they are free from the harmful toxins released by plastic.

Some other nifty features: copper keeps water naturally cool, our designs fit in most standard bike bottle holders, plus your bottle will naturally age like your favourite pair of jeans - it will grow into its own personality and become uniquely yours!

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