Recently I went on a long drive with my humans to the place with the big water and sand, I love these times we spend together, they are the best. Running on the beach, splashing in the waves, chasing seagulls… and that’s just my humans!....only joking it’s me of course. We do everything together, the best time is when we go out for food, Have I mentioned how much I love food?

Where we stay lives a cat called Toby, I am in constant turmoil when I’m there, being a Jack Russell an all it’s an unwritten law that I should react in some way in the presence of a feline, so it’s all I can do not to succumb to the embarrassing natural instincts that make me want to chase him and bite him on the bum.

Another thing about Toby is when his humans put his food in front of him he doesn’t dive in nose first like I do, he sort of sniffs it a bit, tastes a little and then saunters off in that annoying way cats have of showing you their rear end with their tail stuck straight in the air….I don’t know why but it always makes me think of someone who has just sucked a lemon.

Anyway, let me continue, because I was in the house Toby’s unfinished plate of food was put on top of the fridge well out of my reach and that was that. I spent 2 idyllic days running on the sand and swimming with my humans, it was awesome! When we got back to the house on the last day I noticed this unbelievable smell, a quick excursion of the ground floor led me to the kitchen where it seemed someone had thoughtfully put the cat food back on the floor. Bingo! I was on it like a Polaris missile, I vacuumed that plate clean in seconds, so quick no one even noticed me. Ha Ha I thought, Mia strikes yet again.

We left not long after that and I slept all the way home, I was happy to curl up in my bed when we got back and didn’t notice my humans going out again.

I woke up to the most awful smell and looked around for the culprit, my humans hadn’t yet returned and as I pondered the cause I let forth an almighty fart that almost propelled me off the floor, I thought my bottom had exploded! I was embarrassed beyond belief so I headed for the garden only to find the back door closed…. This was terrible, my tummy was telling me I was in deep doo doo if I didn’t find a way outside, and quick.

To cut a messy long story short I didn’t find a way out and had to relieve myself many times in several different rooms, I was one poor sick gastro puppy. My humans, bless them, were very understanding when they came home and cleaned me up and put me to bed with my favourite toy. As I lay in my bed I realised it was Toby’s food that had been sitting on the fridge for 2 days that had made me so ill……..



But I wonder who put it back on the floor……









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