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Mia's Moments

December 12, 2016

Mia's Moments

Mia’s moments...

My weekend started off really well, went to work with my humans as usual and hung out in the sunshine to catch a few early rays before doing my normal patrol through the shop to see what was going on. Now humans at this time of the year never fail to amuse me, it’s like everyone has taken a silly pill, let me give you an example. They browse around the shop collecting things of all shapes and sizes and take them to my humans at the counter where they cover them in paper, OK so that’s not so strange, but I do know this, as my humans do the same thing, once they get all these parcels home they proceed to wrap them again and stick on ribbon and curly things and then stack them around a tree that they have decided to bring inside the house...where’s the sense in that, I mean what’s the use of buying stuff only to hide it so you can’t see it? I could understand it if it was a bone to be stored for another day. And what’s with the tree thingy? My poor neighbour, Max, got into terrible trouble last year when he cocked his leg on their tree in the front room, how was he to know he wasn’t allowed, no one says anything when he uses the trees in their paddocks, poor bugger was chucked out in the garden and grounded for a week.

Next to my humans shop is a place that smells like heaven, it’s a place of food, lots of it and I love food. I like to think of myself as somewhat of a connoisseur after all I have made it my life’s work to eat as much and as often as I can....someone’s got to do it.

So on Saturday, about the middle of the day, when the place of food was at its busiest I wandered over and picked a likely human and placed myself strategically but safely in full view. Using my own technique of staring them in the face it didn’t take long before I was noticed, then all it took was a slight tilt of my head... and bingo! a nice little morsel thank you very much. A few more of those and then back off to the shop to make sure all had been running smoothly in my absence.

Yep, life’s pretty good, so bye for now and I’ll see you at Panache next time you’re there.                       Mia xx





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